Who produced my food?

A Langit Initiative


About Foodprints

Where did your food come from? How was it grown? And more importantly, who produced it? In this fast-moving age of convenient food, we often forget to ask ourselves what goes on behind the making of one’s meal, produce or ingredient. These are crucial questions to ask as our buying decision affects livelihoods, the environment and ultimately the climate.

The Food Prints Initiative is Langit’s brainchild to achieve food integrity. In the last 4 years, we have upheld the values of fair procurement and ensuring that our farmers’ partners continue to be empowered economically. Today, with the help of technology, we are enabling you to learn more about our products, beyond its packaging. With the scanning of a unique QR code, you will be able to have an overview of the products’ features, origin and the farmer who produces your high-quality purchase.


The making of safe food begins at the source. Our products are farmed in a chemical-free method.


Grown using non-GMO seeds with high nutrition value.


Indigenous method of farming preserves flavour and uniqueness of heirloom seeds, the terroir of the place.

Langit’s Indigenous Farming Communities